Wednesday, April 8, 2009

We have the most luxurious of the Louet Yarns in stock!

Even in these difficult economic times.... sigh... we all need a little luxury in our lives, a little... something to lift our spirits, don't we?  Sometimes this little something uplifting can come in the form of an exquisite knitting yarn, the way that it feels, the way that it knits up, and the wonderful finished product that comes from it!  With this in mind, Mary, Alix, Sophia and I went looking for just the right yarn when we were at the Trade Show in San Diego last January.  And what fun we had on our search!  We came across these two yummy yarns from Canada, from Louet North America.  The relatively new Mooi (sounds like Boy we were told) and the Limited Edition Paco Vicuna.  Yummy, and EXTRA yummy!  We have them both in stock now!
If you have a yearning for a little something extra special, stop by to check it out.  "Petting" the yarn is OK in our shop, and this yarn deserves petting....  A certain someone who shall remain nameless asked his fiancee to knit him a blanket out of the Paco Vicuna, it remains to be seen if she will....   Several customers have purchased both of these yarns to indulge in some very fine lace shawls and even baby garments.  What is your fancy?
Both of these yarns were covered on the "Knitter's Review", here are some excerpts.  Enjoy.
About the Moi the say : "what makes this yarn so special?  Probably the fibers-a stunning blend of bamboo, bison, and cashmere.... This blend works.  The bamboo brings an incredibly smooth, silky luster and strength, while the bison and cashmere give warmth and a delicate halo similar to wisps of steam.  The bamboo and bison share hypoallergenic qualities as well..."  
About the Paco Vicuna they say: " The first in Louet's new Signature Series of what it's calling high-quality yarns from premium fibers, Paco Vicunas is an exquisite lace-weight yarn that blends Optim, SeaCell, and Paco Vicunas fibers.....  The Signature Series Paco Vicunas represents an artisanal approach to yarn that I deeply appreciate.  It's a well-crafted yarn with which you can create a beautiful knitted fabric that's soft and warm, lustrous and hazy."

aahhh...  a little luxury is good for the soul.....