Friday, April 10, 2009

Blue Sky Alpacas Yarn and Trunk Show

Hello Everybody,
Some of y'all may remember me from the old Anneke's Needleworks location when I worked there back in 2005.  Anneke asked me to post a little something about the gorgeous Blue Sky yarn she's got in the shop because she knows how much I love it.  Now, as you may know, Anneke and I get together every couple of years to attend the TNNA trade show in California.  We catch up on each other's news, have a little dinner and gossip at night while we cover the show, booth by booth, during the day.  It's always a rush to see all those yarns, fibers, canvases and accessories amassed under one roof.  It's especially fun when Anneke sees a new yarn line she wants to add for the shop because that means I get to sit at the big girl table and help her pick out colors.
This year the best looking booth at TNNA was Blue Sky Alpacas.  It was decorated with a bright contemporary country theme with whites and yellows that made their yarns simply reach out and grab you.  And they literally do as they had every single color of every yarn there for us to see.  We were immediately drawn to the Organic and Dyed Cotton.  The colors and the incredible softness of the cotton was irresistible.  I think that it was the "Bobbi Bear" pattern that sealed the deal.  Is that not the cutest baby present ever?  And just imagine a soft, soft hat on a baby's head.  This led to us picking out some colors of Skinny which is, well, the thinner version of the cotton and just right for Florida and Texas.  I have knitted the "Slouchy Cardigan" from "Greetings from Knit Cafe" using the Alpaca Silk.  It's my current favorite and I demanded that Anneke pick out at least 10 colors out a possible 37.  Now, I'm dying to cast on for the "Silk Shrug" which will be perfect for chilly air-conditioned restaurants this summer.  I really thought we were done at this point but Anneke loves her woolies and made sure the shop was getting a large dose of the Suri Merino (coming soon) and Worsted.  And we even got these really cute chicken kitchen timers as a little gift!
Hope you made it into the opening of the Trunk Show which was catered by our dear friend Hara, she brought in lunch for everyone.  Thanks Hara!  It was a lot of fun.  Don't forget that this weekend is your last chance to see the Blue Sky Trunk Show.  Come see for yourself what I am raving about.