Thursday, April 23, 2009

A day of laughter and reminiscing

Betsy, Veronica, Alex, Joan and others came by today and we had some very good laughs.  You kinda had to be there....  Unfortunately we had only a cell phone (and a lousy photographer) to capture the moments, not a real camera!  Betsy and Veronica just miss their days of working at Anneke's Needleworks (ha ha, not really) and Alex was just loving our tales of the shop as she is getting ready to open up her own shop June 1st on Martha's Vineyard!!  I keep trying to talk her into a swap, she can have my shop in Miami and I will take on her new shop up North.  So far, no go..... 
Any of you heading up that way this summer make sure you stop by her shop.   Details will follow.

...check out Betsy hiding behind Joan in that last photo.....  you may have to click on  and enlarge the photo to really see her.....   :-)