Monday, August 24, 2009

What kind of a KAL would you like ~ Need your opinions!

Hi Everyone! 
Today was the first day of school here in Dade County, which means that now many of us will settle back into some kind of a routine…. Now if Hurricane season would just come to an end, and the temperatures would drop drastically…. I would be so happy. 
Anyway, as most of you are starting to come back into town and as we are all getting back into our own routines, we have had requests for some regular KAL’s again. We had quite a few in the past, the Lizard Ridge, the Entrelac, the “crack” Shawl, the “crack” purse, and so on. We want to start this up again, but we want your suggestions, opinions, requests…. 
Here is what we have in mind. Maybe having two KAL’s per week, one during the week and one on Sunday afternoons? Saturdays are just too busy, and there would be nowhere to sit?!! 
During the week, how about mid day to early afternoon? This way those of you who have children coming home from school could still get home in time? How about not limiting the KAL to one specific project, or do you prefer it if everyone is knitting the same thing? 
Will be posting this to all of our email list, as well as on our Ravelry group, "friends of Anneke's Needleworks". And we look forward to lots and lots of responses so that we can announce our new KAL’s come September, right after Labor Day. 
Please let us know what you think! Thanks!! 
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