Saturday, August 8, 2009

Baby Duck Drama Today ~ Emily, Marilyn and Wany to the RESCUE!!!

Well, we had another very full house Saturday today, with Andi’s great Hexagon class going on, our sample Sale and lots of people in the shop. When all of a sudden our “Mailman Lady” comes to the door to deliver the mail, and she sadly looks at me and says…. “I have very bad news about the ducks.”
Well you all know how I feel about our neighborhood ducks, so obviously my heart sank. 
She said that as she was delivering the mail, the Mama duck kept getting between her legs wanting to poke her like she had something to say to her. So she followed the Mama duck to see what was going on, and found that 12 little ducklings had fallen through the drain and there was no way Mama duck could get them out. 
So I mentioned it to people in the shop and Emily and Marilyn and then Wany all set off to the rescue. Meanwhile I called 911 and they connected us to the Fire Rescue who said they were on their way! 
Marilyn got 10 of the little ducklings out and they were all put into a US Mail bin until they were re-united with their Mama who was frantically hiding in the bushes…. And then the handsome Fire Rescue gentlemen arrived and rescued the other two that Marilyn could not get to. 
Whew! A close call…