Monday, February 21, 2011

Amazing Animals!

Yesterday our newest family member joined us! Little Lamb "Quinn", she is a two month old wool sheep! Adorable, and oh so fluffy! She was a little unhappy at first, missing her Mom and her siblings.... But our Liam and Fiona took to her very quickly and tried their very hardest to make her feel right at home. They showed her where the yummy feed and alfalfa are, they showed her where their beds are, and they showed her the ropes around the chickens. She had a very good first night.
This morning, when it came time for Liam and Fiona to show little Quinn how to leave the enclosed area where they spend the night, and out into the fields for a full day of grazing.... Quinn stopped her in her tracks and did not follow them, she was scared, it was all too new for her still. They marched on without her, until.... she started crying. They then stopped in their tracks, looked back and yes, they turned around. They went back into the enclosure and sat down right next to her to keep her company. And she stopped crying.... I guess they will be patient with her, until she is ready to join them. Too, too cute.